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We live, learn and grow together with Jesus

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School Logo

Saint Mary's

RC Primary School

We live, learn and grow together with Jesus

Spring Term



In English this term we will be studying à Classic poetry (focusing on 'The crocodile' from Dirty Beasts), Persuasion (Linked to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) Instructions (Linked to George’s Marvellous Medicine) and Stories by the same author (focusing on writing a new chapter to George’s marvellous Medicine)

  • Effective use of ly adverbs, verbs and adjectives
  • Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions – and, but, before, after etc.
  • Sentence types – Statements, questions, exclamations and commands
  • Correct punctuation – capital letters, commas, question marks, full stops, exclamation marks, ellipsis
  • Suffixes and prefixes
  • Imperative verbs
  • Conjunction ‘that’
  • Noun phrases
  • Use of thesaurus
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Editing and proof reading skills



Our Author for the Spring Term is Roald Dahl. We will be reading different books written by him and use some we have read in class to focus more deeply on within our written work. The children will also take part in guided reading sessions each day were they can practise their phonics skills and apply them when reading aloud to improve their fluency. Children will also be looking at comprehension skills and learning all about the different types of questions they can be asked such as retrieval, vocabulary, prediction, sequencing and inference.



In maths the children will be learning all about multiplication and division skills focusing on our 2,5 and 10 times tables. We will then learn about statistics and collect data in tally charts and represent this data in pictograms and block graphs. We will also study 2D and 3D shapes and learn their features and look at symmetry. Next we will learn about fractions and recognise them in shapes and quantities and also find fractions of numbers. We will then finish the Spring Term focusing on length and height and learning how to measure and compare objects using cm and M.



Science lessons take place every Monday afternoon with Mrs Fenn and this term she will be teaching the children all about ‘Habitats’ and ‘Animal Survival and Growth’. The children will learn about different habitats, food chains, animal life cycles (linked to MRS GREN) and also will  be creating their own animal habitats!



In geography the children will be learning all about mapping and learning map skills such as à compass directions, drawing sketch maps, following and planning routes on a map, OS symbols and labelling different types of maps. Later in the term we will learn all about ‘China’. Children will study were China is, what life is like there, famous landmarks and what Chinese culture and food is like.



In art the children will be studying the work of Roald Dahl’s illustrator ‘Quentin Blake’. Children will focus on their sketching and drawing skills and draw animals in the style of Quentin Blake. We will then take part in Design and technology were the children will be designing their own new ‘Wonka’ chocolates which links to our food technology skills. They will also design their own packaging for their chocolates too.



In PE the children will be working on their Gymnastics skills and learn different balances, rolls and jumps and use these to create our own routines. Later in the term we will be working again on multi-skills with Accrington Stanley – here they have lots of fun completing games and understanding the importance of different ways of travelling, balance, agility, coordination and team work building skills



In music we will be learning all about tempo and dynamics and focusing on our performance skills and listening to instruments in classical music. We will learn how to move to music and experiment making our own rhythms.



In RE we will be learning all about the different parts of the Bible and learning about the 4 Gospels. We will then move on to ‘Thanksgiving’ and learn the story of the last supper and how this is symbolised in Church. We will then move on to understanding Lent which leads us nicely on to the Easter story and how we as Catholics, celebrate Easter.



We will be learning all about Questioning and gathering data, effective searching online and learning about websites, search engines and what the internet is and finally making music – learning to important sounds and make different pieces of music.



Pshe in the Spring Term is all about ‘Belonging to a community’ and ‘Living in the Wider world’. We will discuss and learn about:

  • Beginning part of different groups
  • Rights and responsibilities they have in school
  • Know that everyone is equal in a community
  • Different ways we can access the internet
  • To know no everything on the internet is true
  • What money is and what forms it comes in
  • How money can be kept and looked after
  • Keeping and spending money
  • Recognising the different between needs and wants











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