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School Logo

Saint Mary's

RC Primary School

We live, learn and grow together with Jesus

Quinn's Quackers

Our class rules

Yearly Curriculum Map

Welcome to Quinn's Quackers class page!

Our teacher is Miss Quinn and our teaching assistant is Mrs Simcock

This is what we will be getting up to in Year 2 in the first Summer Term



In English we will be learning about ‘Animal adventure stories’ and we will be focusing on the story ‘Rocket Mole’ by Matt Carr. We will be learning about different sentence types and how to effectively use 'ly' adverbs and past tense verbs as well as using subordinating conjunctions such as when, while, that, after and before. We will then innovate our own animal adventure story using this story to help with ideas. Next we will be studying ‘Riddle Poems’ and writing our own riddle poems linked to the theme of Space!



This term we will be focusing on Non-Fiction books about space and other areas linked to our planet and also learn the different features of non-fiction books such as contents, headings, glossary and index pages.



In maths we will be focusing on measurements such as length and height, weight, capacity and reading temperatures and learning how to read scales of 1,2,5,10 and 50! We will then practise methods learned to solve addition and subtraction sums as well as revisit division and multiplication and begin to see the link between these. We will then move on to fractions and finish this term looking at time, position and turns.




We do our science lessons on Friday with Mrs Fenn and this term we will be learning all about plants. We will be learning about different types of plants and what conditions are best for plants to grow.




In History we will be learning all about Neil Armstrong. We will learn about his life, what he did and thinking about how he felt and why he is still such an important person in history.



In Design and Technology, we will be looking at vehicles and what they need in order to move. We will look at how vehicles are designed and eventually plan and design our own moon buggies which we will then make. We will even be practising our measuring and sawing skills!



In PE we will be working Invasion games and focusing on improving our net and ball skills as well as linking in attacking and defending skills in games played previously in the year.



In music we will be studying notation and different terminology and begin to improvise making up our own songs focusing on the style of ‘Rock’.




In RE we are asking the question ‘Why should we spread Good news?’ and we will be learning about what happened to Jesus after he had Risen and what we do in Church to remember him today.



We will be learning all about ‘Effective Searching’ and use Purple mash to learn about how best to search for things on the internet when doing research.



In PSHE we will be learning about how to keep out bodies healthy through sleep and diet and start to think about growing older and moving to our next class.


Useful wesbites

Look at these wesbites to help your child at home:

Class Notices



We do PE on a Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure your child comes into school on Wednesday in their correct kit with names on all their items.  


Reading Books

These will be changed on either Monday every week. Reading books will only be changed when the book can be read fluently and understood and it is signed by an adult. Children are encouraged to read their book at home at least 3 times a week to develop their fluency and understanding. This is important to ensure they progress well throughout the year.



Spellings are given out on Seesaw on Friday and are tested the following Friday. Please help your child to practise and learn their spellings each week. Encourage your child to write the spellings and also to put them in to sentences to ensure that they understand the words meaning. Scores will only be shared if we have concerns.



Homework is given out on Seesaw on a Wednesday and needs to be returned on a Monday. This gives  the children plenty of time to complete the work set and also opportunity to ask the teacher for help if required.

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