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Saint Mary's

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We live, learn and grow together with Jesus

Hanson's Hedgehogs

Welcome to Hanson's Hedgehogs Class Page



Class Teacher: Miss Hanson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Pinder

PPA Cover and Interventions: Mrs Bentley 

Year Groups: 5 and 6


Hello and welcome to the class page for Hanson's Hedgehogs. We are very excited to see you all in September and feel so lucky to have you all as part of Team Saint Mary's.  I'm really looking forward to having you all in my class this year and I hope that you're all feeling really excited to begin your learning journey in Hanson's Hedgehogs!

I just know that we are going to have a great year together!


Class Notices:


PE: Please ensure that your child has the correct PE kit. This is a plain white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. All items of their PE kit should be clearly labelled with your child's name. During the Spring term, Hedgehog's PE day is Friday. To minimise the disruption in class, we are asking pupils to continue coming to school wearing their PE kit on this day. Your child can wear their school jumper over their white t-shirt and when the colder weather arrives, dark coloured jogging bottoms (navy, black or grey) will be acceptable. Children may either wear their school shoes and bring their pumps with them or wear trainers.


Weekly Spellings: Spellings will be sent home every Monday and children will be tested at the end of the week, on the Friday. For now, Seesaw will be used to send spellings home. This is to reduce the amount of items that are moving between home and school. Children will bring home their usual, yellow spelling book and this is to remain at home. Please encourage your child to learn their spellings each week and practise including each of them in a sentence. Words should be written three times using the 'Look, Say, Write, Cover, Check' method. Children are encouraged to include a variety of sentence openers with a range of appropriate punctuation. Your child should share their work with me by taking a photograph of it and then uploading to their Seesaw learning journal.


Homework: Homework is also going to be set either through Seesaw or Purple Mash. Again, this it to reduce the movement of items between home and school. Children will be shown where to find their homework each week. Homework will be set on a Wednesday and must be completed by the following Monday. This allows the child time to do their homework and also gives them the opportunity to ask for help if they find it difficult. Homework will always relate to work that has been taught in class. When accessing homework on Seesaw you will need the CLASS SEESAW App and login. When accessing homework set on Purple Mash, children will find this in their 'Alert' tab at the top of their homepage. They will use their OWN, PERSONAL log in details to access this. 


Home Readers:  For this half term, we are going to trial giving the children the responsibilty  and freedom to change their 'home reader' as and when they wish to do so. All that we ask of the children is that this is done on a regular basis and this will be monitored by staff in class. Please sign your child's Home Reading Record when your child has finished reading their book. We will then know that you are happy for them to change their book. Children will be allowed to choose their own reading books, suited to their interests and reading ability. There will be a wide range of genres for children to choose from so there really is something to suit everyone! Children will be awarded a certificate for every 10 books read.  Reading is a very important skill for children to develop and has many benefits so please try to encourage your child to read for around 15 minutes each day, or as much as possible. I am aware that some children may wish to change their book more than once a week. When this is the case, children will be guided to Seesaw, Purple Mash or Oxford Owls. Using these platforms, children can further their reading and reading will be supplemented by a variety of supporting activities.


Our Spring (1) Learning Overview:


In our English lessons during this half-term, we will be reading a popular book that is very closely linked to our History topic of Tudors. 'Treason' written by Author Berlie Doherty, is an historical novel set in the Tudor period and it deals with the intrigue, ambitions and fears of Henry VIII's court. Children will view events through the eyes of 11 year old, Will Montague (page to the little Prince Edward). They will immerse themselves in regular reading, recording initial responses to literature and engaging in a wide range of linked writing opportunities as they learn. 


In Maths, we will be concentrating on number with a specific focus on multiplication and division skills before turning our attention to Fractions!


Children will develop their scientific skills during their Science lessons by carrying out their own investigations and setting up their own experiments.  Our focus for the first half of the Spring term will be 'Properties of materials.' We will: test the properties of various materials, learn how to explain the uses of thermal and electrical conductors and insulators, investigate dissolving, explore separating mixtures and explain irreversible changes. We always have lots of fun asking and answering our own questions in Science!


In our RE lessons, we will draw upon our previous knowledge of the life of the local Christian community. We will explore the mission of inspirational leaders and learn abut how Dioceses continue the work and mission of Jesus. We will be able to understand and explain the importance of community and celebrate the role that everybody plays in ensuring that we are the best we can be... working together!


Computing lessons will have a focus on 3D Modelling. Children will be given the opportunity to design, print and make their very own 3D models using various tools on Purple Mash.


In topic, we will focus on History by exploring life in the Tudor period. Some of our lessons here will have an Art/DT element. Mrs Bentley will teach your children History and I know that what she has planned is all very exciting! 


In Music we will be exploring the genre of Rock and Roll. Children will have fun learning and performing the hand jive, singing songs from this music genre and improving with musical instruments. Children will be encouraged to listen and appraise various pieces of Rock and Roll music. 


In PE we are very lucky to be taught Multi-Skills by Accrington Stanley. This will take place first thing on a Friday morning for this half-term. We can't wait! 


PSHE will be heavily focused upon caring for the environment and everything in it. Children will learn how the environment can be positively or negatively affected by the actions of humans and will explore how money is and can be spent on protecting and caring for the world around them. 


In our French lessons our unit of work is called 'All about ourselves.' Have fun as you learn new French vocabulary and improve your sentence structure and pronunciation as you go! 


I hope you are as excited as I am to continue with all of our learning this term! smiley




Home -learning information for pupils and parents:


  • School will continue to send work for children who have to remain at home. 


  • School will use the online platform SeeSaw to send work and communicate with pupils and families. Children need to use their class code AND home learning code. Please contact school if you need either of these sending again. Please make sure you have downloaded the Class SeeSaw app and the Home SeeSaw app. 


  • School will try to keep home learning as close to work that is happening in class as we can. School may send links to Oak Academy lessons which will include video lessons. They may also use Purple Mash. 


All pupils have their passwords and login details for these websites, which they can access at home to support their learning:

Edshed - with access to Spelling Shed and Maths Shed.

IDL - Reading, spelling and Maths practice.

Purple Mash - activities for all curriculum areas.

TTRock Stars - Times tables practice.


If a pupil does not have access to a device please contact school and we will arrange paper copies for work to be sent out.  


Useful links:

Topmarks Education: teaching resources, interactive resources, worksheets, homework, exam and revision help

Lockdown lessons for homeschooling - BBC Bitesize

Oxford Owl for School and Home



The work to be covered across all curriculum areas can be found on our class page using the curriculum map tab.


I hope that these links are of some use to you all. Thank you for your continued support. If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to contact me either on SeeSaw or by ringing the school office. 

Many thanks, 

Miss Hanson.

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